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Monday, February 28, 2005


Being sick is no fun. Well, taking cold medicine and getting that floating head feeling is kind of fun, but it's still no picnic. Home from work today with a scratchy voice, runny nose and a cough. Don't like it. Well, like being home from work, but don't like being sick.

Got up, took some medicine, got dressed, went to the bookstore, had breakfast at a great little diner - the morning was great except fo the part about being sick. Got stuff to make a killer chicken soup this afternoon. Hopefully that will make me all sorts of better. A little natural remedy in a pot.

Big snow storm headed this way. Started with flurries about an hour ago. Big, fat flakes - good ones. Supposed to get 10" when it's all said and done. I love snow. Perhaps public transportation will be so messed up tomorrow that I won't have to go in then, either. Man, that would be fantastic. I could spend the day with the girls, drinking tea, watching movies, afghans aplenty on the couch.

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