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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Suds, Scalp Rubs and Sewing Machines

People often wonder what they would do with an unexpected financial windfall. Be it a big lottery win, surprise inheritance from some unkown yet extremely benevolent relative, or one of those awesome stories you hear about where the waitress gets a winning scratch-off ticket as a tip or some schmo hits the jackpot on a whim in Vegas. However that money makes its way to your hands, I'm sure you've thought about what you'd do with it. I thought about it today while I was at the laundromat - the seat of all creativity and intelligence.

Yes, the intellectual juices were flowing in my frozen brain while my sudsy clothes spun round and round. First thing I thought of - laundry service for life. It's not so much the washing as it is the folding and the putting away that irritates me. So, I'd pay someone good money to do my laundry and put it away. Ooh, and wash my hair. Probably not the same person, you don't see a laundromat in a salon very often (although that's a kick-ass idea and someone should open one soon). I've cut and colored my own hair for 9 years now (got a butcher job of a cut and a clown wig color at the same time and that was the end of my trips to the stylist...)and I really miss the feeling of a good hair washing at the salon. That whole scalp rub thing is killer.

I'd definetly open a boutique. Mostly my own designs, but I'd carry friends' work, too. And I'd get a top of the line industrial sewing machine - mine is fine, but it's not the kind you want to be doing anything too high volume on. So, I'd support my art, have gogeous locks and clothes fresher than a mountain spring.

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