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Thursday, November 03, 2005

T-minus 10 hours and counting...

In less than 10 hours I fly to New York. I'm so happy about going. I get to see the Park in the Fall with the leaves all pretty and feel the crisp air on my cheeks. I get to wear sweaters and boots and ride the subway and be around people who at least try to speak English. I get to talk to the crazies and be asked every 2 blocks "can you spare a dollar?". I get to eat a hot pretzel from a sidewalk vendor with extra salt and deli mustard. I get to shove my way through the crowds on 7th Avenue just trying to get over to Bryant Park. I can't wait! I need a dose of that hustle and bustle and generalized insanity that somehow comes across as the only sane place in the world. I need a dose of my NYC peeps and their infectious creative vibe. I get to see my friends and feel like I belong and take a deep breath. It amazes me that by injecting myself into the center of all fury and rush and madness I actually gain a sense of calm and peace. *ohm*

On a totally different note, my poor dog is getting neutered today. Yep, that's right. Balls will be no more as of 3:00 this afternoon. The man and I have been telling him for weeks to lick 'em while he's got 'em, and believe you me, he's been taking advantage. That dog has the most disturbingly droopy, massive dog nuts ever. I have to say I won't be sad to see them gone. The man has to pick him up tomorrow morning from the vet's office. I'm sad I won't get to see him until I get back Sunday night from NYC. My poor, little poochie. Well, poor, big poochie is more like it.

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Blogger tess rambles...

OMG! I would kill for one of those pretzels right now... I think thats one of the things I miss most about NYC -- the pretzel vendors, and the hotdog vendors. On the west coast, no one understands about streetside food vending... The closest I get is the armenian guy who sells dougnuts and sodas and other pre-made junk food outside the train station. *sigh* its just not the same.

11/04/2005 04:23:00 PM


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