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Monday, October 31, 2005

This is what it's like with no power...

Every noise you hear at night when you live in the ghetto and you have no electricity makes you jump up and grab your 2 foot machete that's propped up against the wall next to the bed... oh wait, that's just what I do. I bet we're one of few households that have machetes next to the bed.

You know, now that I think about it there are probably more than you'd assume there were. That makes me feel better... NOT! At least now we have power back and can be lulled back into a false sense of security by the gentle droning of the air conditioning system. That steady whirr makes me feel so much safer, if only because it muffles all the noises that keep me on edge and awake all night when there's no power.

SIDE NOTE: Yippy skippy, I'm going to New York Thursday night. It's NYC-J's birthday and I get to go see her and wish her a happy happy one in person. We're going dancing and I can't wait!

SHOUT OUTS: Jess has moved to South Carolina and she's getting settled in. I emailed with her briefly this morning, she's all safe & sound and everything's going well so far. I'm really happy for her. She's with her fiance and their terror of a puppy, Roxy, and she's been looking forward to this for a long time. I want her to be happy and I know she will be.

MT's fabulous play wrapped this weekend. It got excellent reviews and I know he was glad to be a part of it. He's wonderful and I'm glad I get to see him this weekend. I wish I could have been there to applaud and hoot and make a scene because he deserves it.

RANT: To the woman who pushed me out of the way to get into the elevator before me this morning at the office (literally - arms raised, hands out, pushing) - Fuck Off, Beeyotch. Sorry, that was very rude, but you know what? It felt pretty good to say.

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