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Monday, March 07, 2005

Clearly in a Fog

Sometimes the quest for clarity ends with a cloud. The walk through the dark forest, thick with trees, makes you weary and when you catch a glint of sunlight up ahead your heart leaps with relief. Surely the clearing is not far now. You eagerly trudge through, menacing branches grab at your skin, dark mud and dead leaves tug at your feet. What seem like years pass. The trees begin to thin out and the black all around you is getting lighter ahead - the clearing. You finally reach your destination... and it's nothing but fog. A valley filled with grey fog.

Sure, the optimistic side of you says at least it's not that damn forest anymore, but the side of you that's now so tired (but once was so hopeful) can only see the difficulty that lies in store when the time comes to find out what's lurking, lying in wait in that cloaking fog.

Life presents challenges in a constant barrage. Most often the challenge is surmountable, solvable, temporary. The challenges that seem terrible are usually not nearly as bad as we lead ourselves to believe. I, for one, am the first to convince myself that something is really tough. No one has to tell me. Wonder what it would be like if I didn't do that as much.

I can say for certain that I'd get a lot more done. No roadblock like the self-imposed one. So my clearing is a little foggy right now. Being the smart woman I am, however, I can rest assured that the sun will come out to burn it all off eventually. Of course, when that day comes I'll probably bitch and moan about the blistering heat.

For now I'll explore the fog. The best way to do that is to quit my job, find a part time one, promote my designs, and go after all that stuff I keep telling myself is out there waiting for me.

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