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Saturday, May 31, 2008

'Tis the season

The season for fresh fruits and veg here in the States. Cukes, squashes, tomatoes, citrus, beans, all sorts of tasty treats await us in our gardens and at the grocery. This is the season of bounty because so many crops are ready for harvest in the Spring/Summer.

In my constant effort to live/eat/shop consciously I'm reminding myself to enjoy these foods now, when they're in season, because when the weather turns cold again and I start to see pale, mealy, watery tomatoes in the grocery I need to steer clear. In terms of carbon footprint "hothouse-grown" foods at your local grocery are a big no-no. The non-renewable energry spent on growing those foods, in addition to fuels burned in the transport, all add up to make those very bad choices at the market.

So go out and visit your greenmarket this weekend (you can find one by looking here), buy those local fruits & veg, support your regional farmers. Take a peek at to see how you can cut down on your food's carbon footprint. Check out to find restaraunts/shops/markets/bakers/butchers in your area that are committed to sustainable food practices.

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2 What people are saying:

Blogger Anisa rambles...

you've guilted me. i stayed up until 1am thinking how i can be better for the planet.

thanks. :)

6/02/2008 04:43:00 PM

Blogger Melissa rambles...

Anisa - Ha! I got you, eh? ;-) You're already such a thoughtful girl I can only imagine the things you came up with!

6/03/2008 02:01:00 PM


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