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Monday, December 29, 2008


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Blogger Monogram Queen rambles...

I can't quite tell what it is... give me a break - 42 year old here

12/29/2008 12:20:00 PM

Blogger Melissa rambles...

Haha, no worries! They're frogs. Frog fairies, to be exact. A boy and a girl froggy fairy and they're dancing. Looks like an illustration from an old European storybook. Same motif as the bedding. It goes with our lily pond theme.

12/29/2008 12:31:00 PM

Blogger Lynilu rambles...

I love all this! How wonderful, and this lamp is the cherry on the sundae! So cool!

Hey, a tip. My bro and his wife once had a small place and struggled with where to put the baby. They turned the walk-in closet (which fortunately had a little window in it) into the cutest nursery. They put a couple armoires in the bedroom for their clothes, and it worked great for everyone. I know, I know, yours is all done, and beautifully, I might add, but I thought I would toss that out for you anyway.

Tell Matthew that I think his work is awesome, just like the baby!

12/29/2008 03:10:00 PM

Anonymous Naomi rambles...

This all looks adorable! And, I have to say, the set-up works. What do you think my folks did in their 1 bedroom apt on W 54th St when I was born? :-)

12/31/2008 09:01:00 AM


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