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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Oh, how things solidify

Here is something that isn't talked about very often among people who don't have kids, but discussed at length among those who do - poop. Specifically the change in poop when going from breastmilk only to breastmilk + solid foods. Consistency, color, stink potency... it all changes.

This is enthusiastically talked about between parents. There is much excitement surrounding the topic. Parents of older children pipe up and reminisce about their own kids' poops from back in the day. Parents of younger children add anecdotes about the recent changes in their babies' diaper regions. This astounds me... and thrills me because the poop changes in this household have been amazing and I love chatting about it with people who understand the gravity of this monumental shift.

Too funny. Parenting is too funny. Kinda gross, but really hilarious.

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Blogger Anisa rambles...

Whoa. Grossness. Hilarious title.

7/09/2009 03:34:00 PM


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