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Thursday, June 18, 2009

OK, I am not freaking out

Omigod, I'm moving. Crap. I mean, YAY! But, also crap.

I've been cobbling together a collection of moving boxes from people giving them away on Freecycle. Moving is expensive, so every cent I can save us is a cent we *might* be able to put toward using a moving company. We've always moved ourselves in the past, but we're in our 30s, we have a baby, and we have a sleeper sofa. That's reason enough to hire the big guns to tote our heavies for us. Fingers crossed that I can scrape the requisite dough together.

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Blogger Lynilu rambles...

I hope you can pull it together. Know what? Even if you can afford just part of it to be moved, it would be a good thing. Have someone else do the sleeper sofa (aren't those a beeatch?) and other heavy stuff, then you guys move the boxes. Oh, and the baby! Please move the baby!!

Honey, I moved with no professionals, and it wasn't easy (twice your age! Yikes!!). I had friends help with heavy stuff, and the boxes and other things I handled when I could. You'll get 'er done. ;)

6/18/2009 10:34:00 PM


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