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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

D is for Dissapointment

So the interview that had me all excited was totally a "courtesy" thing. What I'm confused about is who it was supposed to be a courtesy to, exactly... Surely not me - it's not as if the office I needed to go to is located anywhere near mine, which meant a bit of creative manuevering on the honesty front in order to get time away from my precious cubicle. It's not as if I enjoy prepping for interviews just for fun, reading and re-reading my resume, giving myself the "you're completely skilled for this job" pep talk, rah rah sis boom bah this job rocks, etc.

They already had a lead candidate (yep, I don't know why they brought me in, either), so basically I got the "thanks for your time and we'll call you if anything comes up in the future". You know that speech, it's a thanks-but-no-thanks kind of thing. The most frustating part is that the HR chick interviewing me asked the most open-ended questions... I fully understand that she's a generalist and that's the type of thing she's trained to ask, but COME ON. There is a way to encourage an applicant to volunteer information about their skills and weaknesses, but asking assinine questions that have very little to do with the position being discussed is hardly the way to do it. I'm just crabby about the whole thing. I have a bad taste in my mouth for a certain well-known handbag designer. I really appreciate my friend going out on a limb and reccommending me for the position and I think that it's one of the highest compliments he could have given me - so that's the bright side of this whole situation. (where's the "keep on the sunny side of life" montage from "Holy Grail" when you need it?)

Bottom line: I updated my resume on hotjobs and sent off my info for 4 positions that sounded very promising. Maybe one of the companies will contact me. That would be nice. *sigh*

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