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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I might actually be able to do some real work on my designs pretty soon... There's a good chance I'll have an interview in the next few weeks for a position that I'd really like to get - I'd be back in print production, which would be great (it's a nice mix of creative w/practical). It would still be a full time corporate gig, but it would mean a much shorter commute (working right downtown rather than shuttling out to NJ every day) and a decent work week in terms of hours - closer to 40 than my current 60. I figure I'd have to get 2 part time jobs that add up to around 35 hours/week to be able to pay my bills while I concentrate on my designs - this position would allow me to make good money and work 40 hours/week. I'll take that in a heartbeat. I'd have considerably more time for myself than I do now and I'd be able to pull in a decent paycheck.

My fingers are crossed so hard for this interview they almost hurt.

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