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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

50 Things

This was a great lesson in humility, self-confidence, humor, reflection and general introspection. I wanted to see if I could come up with 50 things that make me happy in 25 minutes. Now, this is not Earth-shattering stuff here. It's light. I'm not talking about saving the world from poverty and war or making sure every stray has a home or mending all socks that need darning, I'm talking about frivolous stuff that just makes me grin. Sometimes those things are the hardest to see - they can be right in front of you and you look past... You should try it. Take 25 minutes. If you can't come up with 50, then you're either making it way too difficult on yourself or you need an injection of levity in your life. Either way you'll feel a sense of accomplishment at the end. Simple thing, really - trust me.

Things That Make Me Happy: (a.k.a. Reasons To Shut Up And Stop Bitching, Life Is Good Even When It's Hard)

1) PUPPIES: I'm serious, I love 'em.
2) GOOD BOOKS: I admire a good wordsmith.
3) BAD BOOKS: Remind me why I'm not a writer.
4) MY APARTMENT: Big ups to BKLYN, baby!
5) CJ: He makes my brain tingle and my heart thump.
6) CANDY: Who doesn't love candy?
7) DIET COKE: With all the candy, I need a light soda.
8) SNOW STORMS: Snow = winter's eraser.
9) BIRDS: They sound pretty and I like that they can fly. That's cool.
10) JAZZ: That's some good shit right there.
11) MAKE-UP: It's a costume for your face.
12) SHOES: 'Nuff said.
13) SAMPLE SALES: Great clothes, tiny prices.
14) CHEESEBURGERS: Beef & dairy - 2 great tastes that taste great together.
15) EXCEEDINGLY BAD POP MUSIC: Ashlee Simpson, you're my hero. Love to hate her.
16) KA: She's awesome, she's hot, no - we're not dating.
17) SKYDIVING: Hate flying, hate heights, love the rush when you step out.
18) FLOWERS: Smell good, look good - that's what all women want.
19) MAGAZINES: Trash or substance, I love them all.
20) PAPER: It's tactile and non-electronic. That rocks!
21) THE WORD "BELLY": Makes me giggle, always has.
22) DIRTY MARTINIS W/EXTRA OLIVES: Sip, chew - it's a drink and a snack.
23) BABY LAUGHS: The best sound in the world.
24) MAY: Great month, almost perfect weather everywhere in the U.S.
26) MY ROOMMATES: If you meet them, even once, you'll know why I love them.
27) SEWING: I love creating something, it's the best feeling I've ever had - truly.
28) SEX: OK, so sewing isn't the best physical feeling.
29) FRESH CUT GRASS: Quintessential fresh smell, plus it feels nice on the tootsies.
30) WEEHAWKEN: Blvd. East - the view of NYC is pure magic.
31) iPODS: I'm a lemming, what can I say?
32) COFFEE: I need it, I flat-out neeeeeed the stuff.
33) HENDRICK'S GIN: I don't need it, but it's nice.
34) MT: He's great, I like how he talks and what he says. All-around interesting is hard to find.
35) PERFUME: Scent is important - flowers or poo? Your call.
36) THE INTERNET: You go, Al Gore! (snarf)
37) NEW YORK: The place is sharp and soft at once - it will cut you and then dress your wound.
38) SUNSHINE: It feels good when it warms your back on a cool Spring morning.
39) POLY-BLEND KNIT: Lets me design for every body type, it's not cool to be exclusionary.
40) FOREIGN LANGUAGES: They sound neat.
41) BREATHING: Life-affirmation at it's most simplistic.
42) ICE: Lends a helping hand to warm Diet Coke everywhere. (And comes in handy for #28.)
43) CUTTING MY OWN HAIR: Even if it's not perfect it makes me feel good.
44) COMPLIMENTS FROM STRANGERS: Ego boost? Yes, please.
45) TRIPPING: (not the acidic kind) Reminds me I have 2 legs that work - be glad.
46) TALL BUILDINGS: Architectural engineering fascintates me.
47) ART: In every form - I want to know the story behind the story.
48) STATUE OF LIBERTY: I tell her hello every day - she's a constant, that's rare in NYC.
49) SHINY THINGS: Sparkley is fun.
50) COMFORTABLE CHAIRS: I like good design and good-feeling keisters.

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