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Friday, April 01, 2005

Chew, Spit, Stare

I spent most of the last week in Florida. Sounds like a good time, right? Well, that might have been the case if I had been in any of the many, many fun parts of the state. Alas, I was not in the fun part, I was in the redneck, backwoods part that happens to have palm trees and a fantastic beach. I'm sure I could have found some great things about the town, had I not been there for work and spent all my time in a dust filled construction site trying to escape the lewd stares of a crew of tobacco chewing men with only a handful of teeth among them. Not cool.

Saw a guy almost cut his hand off with a table saw. That was bad. Bad in the sense that, well, he was obviously seriously injured and there's no way he has health insurance. He was told to see a hand specialist w/in 3 days or he'd lose most motor function... I have a guess about whether or not he went. Poor man.

Oh, almost forgot the best part - I was only supposed to be there overnight. That was the plan, anyway. I packed what seemed like a perfectly reasonable amount of clothing for a 24 hour trip... one shirt and one pair of undies. Simple math will tell you that those articles are not nearly enough clothing for 4 days. Especially when covered in a daily coating of sheetrock dust and tiny flecks of white paint. Thank goodness for the Gap Outlet. They have everything there. Where else can you pick up a shirt, a pair of capris, and 2 pairs of socks for under $40? Awesome.

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