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Friday, July 29, 2005

Sexy beeeeetches

This is part of the fabulously sexy and talented crew at the going away BBQ we had last Saturday. I made the top I was wearing and it earned the loving nickname the "tit top". For good reason, I guess. It was so funny. Parisa said this pic should be used as a tampon ad or something. I thought that was hilarious. We had so much fun that day.

The turnout was great. It was the kind of crowd where people just sort of came in waves. It started at 3:00 and we had people over until around midnight, so it was a bit of a marathon BBQ. We all made great food and we had great drinks. The man and Liz made a to-die-for fruit salad that was out of this world. After we had all eaten our fill of it we made white sangria. After we drank all the sangria the man pureed the sangria fruit and mixed it with vodka to make the most delicious fruit smoothie/martini thing. Man, it was tasty. John made kebabs that were so yummy I had 3 of them. 3! He carried 2 trays of them to the grill and only realized how much he had when people started falling silent looking at the mounds of meat & veggies he had in his hands. He apologized, said he comes from a big family and can't do anything the small way. After we all said how much food that was, we sure didn't have any trouble polishing off the last one. He stayed until Shira had washed all the dishes and helped bring everything in from outside, even helped the man & me carry my stuff outside to pack the truck for the big drive the next day. Shira was so great that day. She's a fantastic hostess. She made potato salad and we went to the store and got all these artificial tropical flowers to put around the garden. It was a really, really wonderful day. I'll have memories of it for a very long time.

This particular post hasn't been very digestible if you're not me, for that I apologize, but it's more of a reminiscing moment for me and less of a blog post. Just wanted to think back and put a smile on my face. Mission accomplished.

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