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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My head's itchy

Really. That's about all I have to say at the moment. I'm coloring my hair, which means I have a gloppy coating of dark purple goo slathered all over my head (it's amazing that blonde hair color turns purple when it's developing on your hair). And my head is itchy in at least 3 places at all times it seems. Argh. I can't really get to the itchy parts because of the purple goo and I can't ignore the itch because it's pretty darn itchy. I already stained 2 fingernails scratching despite the obvious perils of the goo.

I have 4 more minutes until I can rinse the goo and free my hair from it's sticky, stinky clutches. Alas, then I must apply a second layer of goo in order to highlight. I wish I could just suck it up and pay someone else to do this for me, but I got such a bad color job at a salon once that I have a hard time allowing anyone else to get near my hair. I figure I can't screw it up any more than that poor excuse for a stylist did (I wouldn't hold it against her so fiercly had she been even a smidge remorseful or concerned about the fact that I had crappy pinkish hair [it was supposed ot be auburn] with a lopsided cut). I need a cut, too. I was planning on going to my little Russian barber guy on 14th Street who did such a great job last time, but I spent the money I was planning to use on the haircut on the coloring supplies I bought this morning. With the impending move I'm more budget conscious and need to weigh the benefits of having Yuri (or was it Alexi...) cut my hair versus being able to have a decent dinner on the road and not feel guilty about it. We'll be driving for a good 2 & 1/2 days, so I think I'll cut my own hair and be able to have a good time on the trip.

I'm really looking forward to the man getting here tomorrow. I miss him terribly. He makes me so happy. It continually surprises me how much I just enjoy him. I enjoy spending time with him, I enjoy talking to him, I enjoy looking at him, I just enjoy him, period. It's great. I love him. I'm a very lucky girl.

P.S. I almost forgot... I'm going to have a fashion show in the Fall. How freaking awesome is that??? More to come.

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