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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Poem by the Plant Man

The plant man sent me a poem he wrote in March. I really like it. This is it:


And the word of the Lord

came unto me saying son of man

write me a poem about the storms of life

and how you fight to stay afloat in it

when the world around you

is sinking in a sea of depression

tell me about the fountain of love

that flows from the depth of your being

when darkness overshadows your horizon

tell me how you kill pain and sadness

to stop them from polluting your joy

and how you cast out the burden of sorrow..

with fruits of laughter from the garden of your bliss

tell me how you mend your broken heart

with hope from a butterfly wings

and dry your tear drops in the sunshine

to prevent them from drowning your soul

tell me how you search creation for truth

and find out you are its treasured secret

and how you wrestle

with the cosmic serpent of your mind

all the way back to the wellspring of the divine

tell me about the glory of God

like you talk about yourself

show me the essence of beauty

that can only be seen

in the reflection of your eyes

tell me how you live each day with clandestine faith

and how you walk on the tightrope of life

between good and evil

and keep your balance

in a capitalistic whirl wind

tell me how you respect your brothers and sisters

though you do not share their views

and how you dance with the devil

until you get back your groove

tell me how you embrace new age demons

to overcome your fear

taste the erotic flame of ecstasy and stay sober

sip holy communion with doubt

break bread with disbelief

to gain access back into the Garden of Eden

tell me how you smile at hate

until it blushes back at you in shame

and how you fall seventy times seven

pick yourself up each time with wisdom

dust yourself off with understanding

and start all over again

tell me how you swim upstream

like a salmon to achieve your dream

ignoring the voices telling you

you are going in the wrong direction

tell me how you cut a new path

through the wilderness of life

when you can’t find one

to fulfill your destiny

tell me how you convert your ego into your religion

walk a mile in Lucifer shoes

to save a fallen star from perdition

tell me how you forgive Satan

and free your spirit from eternal damnation

tell me how you befriend and make plans with death

to sail you across the threshold of eternity

to continue life’s ageless journey

tell me how you stand unafraid in the dark

praying for the unborn

that they will all make it back

into the light of the celestial dawn

tell me how you keep your sanity

when your children forget your name

and how you cry for forty days

and forty nights for humanity

and no one notices

the rainbow was painted

as a cacodylic colored curtain

to hide your swollen emotion

tell me how you inspire the leaves

of mahogany and cedar trees to still shine

in a paradise going blind

son of man tell me something about life

that you have never said

like how you measure

the moments of infinity with patience

entertain strangers like they are your next of kin

love your neighbor like yourself unconditionally

put an end to galactic and man made wars

sign everlasting peace treaty

that has no beginning and no ending

like yesterday and tomorrow

son of man tell me

how to make the earth dance again

with your metaphors

show me how to rejuvenate this tired creation

with your rhyme scheme

help me to breath new life into an ailing world

with your prose

write me a poem to resurrect the dead

give sight back to the blind

heal the crippled

set the captives free

make your words

sing a sweet poetic melody

so the angels can once again sing in harmony

Hallellujah Hallellujah Hallellujah

Hallellujah Hallellujah Hallellujah

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