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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Happy B-Day, MT

MT is 29 today. Well, he's 29 sometime soon or recently past... not sure when the day of his birth is specifically commemorated. The important part is that his party is tonight. Little BBQ shindig right around the corner from our humble abode here on the Clara. Can't wait. We're all going. Heather is in town. We're getting dressed and heading over there to have a fabulous celebratory time with MT & his buds.

Must get myself to the grocery to pick up some chicken & veggies - going to make kebabs to take and throw on the grill. Must also pick up some adult beverages of some sort. Not sure what I want to take yet.

Hmm, rain. Just started. Hope it passes through. From the sounds of that latest thunder crack it might stick around for awhile. Poop. Whatever, rain. I declare that I will not allow a little crappy weather ruin the birthday festivities.

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