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Monday, July 18, 2005

If I had a million $$... thanks, BNL

If I had a million dollars what would I do with it? Hmm. I'd pay off everything I owe to anyone, which is not really that much, so basically there would still be a million smackers left. Now, when I say a million bucks, I mean a million bucks. No taxes or deductions of any sort. The whole shebang. So, I have a good chunk of change and I need things to do with it. Well, I'd pay off my brother's college. And then I'd pay off my parents' house. I'm guessing that after all that I'd have $700k on the low side. Next I'd pay off the man's house, no more mortgage. Let's say that leaves $560k. I'd sign me & the man up for that intensive Spanish class we looked into taking. Pretty hard to be in Miami and not be bilingual. Industrial sewing machine... check! Grooming service for Duke... check! I'd get that little Volvo the man is always telling me I'd look cute in. The whole house would be done. All the little things we want to do would be taken care of. Paint, deck, windows, flooring, furniture - all of it. That still leaves enough to give a good bit to charity and take an amazing vacation to Croatia. It's the "new riviera", according to the New York Times and Sports Illustrated. I guess 10 years after a bloody and brutal civil war the people are finally benefitting from tourism again.

So, I think that just about covers the million. Wow, it's amazing how fast it goes. Lucky for me I don't have the pressure of deciding where all of it goes. Whew! What a relief.

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