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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I'm sitting here at the computer regretting falling asleep last night. I really am perturbed by it. I fell asleep when I could have stayed awake just a little longer and had some mindlblowing sex. Alas, I drifted off to dream land, probably drooling with my mouth open, making strange and unnattractive noises all the while facing the man. I couldn't have even turned the other way? C'mon, chickie, time to take a lesson in the ways of maintaining some sort of sensual appeal while cohabitating.

First, don't be naked the whole time. I mean, be naked as much as you want, but don't walk around too naked for too long. Leave a little something covered up. You could look like Sienna Miller naked and still after a while you'd be the familiar old sight of Sienna Miller naked. BTW, I hear she's available since the whole Jude/nanny thing came out. Yum - lucky nanny.

Anyway, back to sex. The important topic at hand. Better yet - sexuality in the household. How to keep the spice? How to keep the interest? I'm beginning to think I'm over-thinking this. I have never had even the slightest wavering in my attraction to the man, no matter how much time we spend together or how often he's naked (which is not a lot. He always seems to cover up in some way shortly after the finale of the horizontal mambo), and yet I worry about keeping his attraction to me running along at a good clip. Why do I do that? It really doesn't make any sense. I have no indication that there's cause for alarm in that department at all, and yet I think about it. I really hate being a girly girl sometimes.

I think I'm going to make a point to take the reigns, as it were, in the budoir later this evening. I'll feel good about being assertive (something I often am in my dreams, but rarely am in reality) and he'll feel good because we're getting it on and he wasn't the one to make the first move for a change. Nice. I love it when a plan comes together.

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