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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Pooches and peaches

So, this is Duke. Isn't he cute? He's a huge wad of wrinkly cuteness. I love that damn dog.

Today has been relatively uneventful. Which is nice, but frustrating, too. Nice because we didn't have to do too much running around or stick to a schedule, per se. But frustrating because I have no job. Had I a job already today would have been filled with schedules and structure and all that stuff. I'm only frustrated because of money, and I hate that because money is the root of so much stress in this life, and I know as soon as I get a job I'll be longing for days like today. But my bank account is squeaking, it's so tight. So, the job hunt is on. I sent off my resume (the updated one with the new address) to 4 places today. I doubt any of them will email me back, they never do, but it's worth a shot and I have to do something. It's only been 2 days, so I know I shouldn't get bummed out about not working yet, but I am anyway. It's how I operate. I know that it's unreasonable to be upset about something and I go and get upset anyway. It's what I do.

The morning was especially nice today. We woke up pretty early and went to get some coffee. We picked up a couple of caffes con leche and headed to the beach. We walked around a little and I swam a bit. A very small bit, but I got in the ocean, that's my point. The water felt great and the sand is always nice between my toesies. Talked about follow through and distraction and dedication to a goal. It was a good talk. Got some things figured out as far as priorities go. In terms of work, what needs to get done first and how do we go about doing that and what does that mean for the master plan... all that stuff. It was nice to talk about those things and get some sort of general game plan down for how the man is going to tackle things and how I am, too. Felt good about getting my resume updated and looking online for recent job listings. I think the man felt good about it, too. It's been hard for him being here alone and trying to focus one thing at a time when there are so many things he could be doing. He really does just have too much talent. If he weren't so smart he wouldn't be so creative and thereby wouldn't have so many ideas about other things he could be doing. He's going to be great, though. No matter what.

I hope something comes through soon in terms of jobs. I don't like being preoccupied with money. It makes me nervous. I don't mind thinking about it and sticking to a budget and all that, but to be nervous and worried about it all the time is no way to live. If I don't get a hit on one of the resumes I've sent out soon I think I'm going to look into waiting tables or something. I just have to find a place that will hire someone who isn't bilingual and who hasn't served in years. Good gawd, am I doomed? I also want to look into other staffing agencies. I'm not opposed to temping to see what's out there. Wish me luck...

I think I'm going to have a peach for a snack. I like peaches.

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