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Friday, November 11, 2005

This is Petey

Petey lives at the Clara in Brooklyn w/the girls. She's rock steady awesome. I wish I had a shell like hers so I could crawl in it when Cuban Lady talks to me over the cube wall all damn day even though I never once respond to a thing that comes out of her mouth. A Petey shell would have come in awfully handy today. "Meleeeeessa, I heeer you coffeeng and I'm seeck, too. My troat ees real scratchy and I was up all nigh wis de post naysal dreeep. You gots de post naysal dreeep? Deees one time I was veery seeck and I had to stay in bed for a whole week straight. Couldn't even get up to go to de basrooom. Eet was terrible. Lass nigh I made hot lemonade wis lots of honey and I pour it right down my throat. Honey ees so good for you troat. You know dat? And blah de blah de blah...". 8 hours of that. A Petey shell is a must on the Christmas list this year.

On a happier note - the man put up a new mirror and new light fixture in the bathroom while I was at work today. He finished painting in there and also laid a new tile floor! Hooray! It was a great surprise when I came home. He & Petey are so super cool. I love them both.

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