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Saturday, July 30, 2005

It's been [almost] one week... (again, thanks BNL)

A week ago at this time we were getting ready to have people over for the going away BBQ. It was a super fantastic day and I sort of wish I could relive it. I wouldn't want to trade in this week for it, I'd just like to see everyone all together again. This week has been a big learning experience. There has been a good bit of stress (mostly self-induced by my own overly analytical bullshit), a lot of laughs, tons of smiles, lots of time with the man (which is so nice, because we've basically been together almost non-stop for a week and haven't gotten testy with each other yet, we're pretty good at saying "I'm a bit cranky right now, I need to chill out"), more than my fair share of dog slobber, and all-around good times. I'd say that the bad parts are the job search, not knowing anyone but the man (which I'm hoping to change by checking out services at a local synagogue next Friday night or sometime soon), being a little guarded when I probably shouldn't be in order not to step on his toes or make him feel like I'm invading his house, and having no money (which ties back into the job search thing).

Lucky for me, all the bad parts can be fixed and will be in the immediate future. I'm looking for a job. I sent off 2 more resumes today (ugh) and I'm calling a little cafe that we walked past in the Design District the other day because they had a "help wanted" sign in the window. Who knows what they need, probably servers, and I haven't served in ages... but it seems like a cool little place - it's a gallery and a cafe. Plus side is that they're only open until 5. Down side is that they're only open until 5 - I don't think the Design District has a whole lot of foot traffic, so I think the cafe probably sustains itself by catering to the lunch crowd of folks who work in the area and the occasional shopper. Which doesn't mean loads of business from what I've seen over there, but I could be wrong, wouldn't that be nice? Anyway, I called them about 20 minutes ago and no one answered. On Saturdays they don't open until 11. I'll try again soon. It might be fun to work at a cafe part time. It would be cool if they need a cook. I'd enjoy that.

The other bad parts will be remedied by me getting out into the city and doing things outside the house and developing a comfort level here. I'm not uncomfortable by any means, I just want this to feel like home and I think it's a little too early to feel really cozy yet. I know it will come. I'm very glad to be here. That's a good sign.

I've spent the day being entirely domestic. The man left before 8 for a freelance gig and I got up when he left, swept the house (which now looks like I didn't do a damn thing to it because this pooch is shedding like nobody's business), went around with the vacuum and sucked up all the dust on the window ledges and at the baseboards, put last night's dishes away, washed the rest, played with Duke outside for a while (he's sleeping on the floor next to me right now... his little legs are running along with his dream, it's cool), and I'm going to go cut the grass or at least do the edging in a minute. Gotta slap on my bathing suit so I can get a little color while I'm out there.

It's off to the jungle I go! If you see no posts in the next 12 hours send a search party, s'il vous plait.

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