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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Crafted Distraction

Since I'm sitting here at work unable to do any real work because of the ridiculous spyware that has hijacked my machine, I'm going to waste time and blog a little. I'm waiting for the IT tech to come and fix whatever he screwed up on this computer yesterday. I know he didn't mean to mess it up, but he sure did a bang up job of it. Yesterday before he came I had loads of spyware that made my machine run about as fast as a snail with a limp. Now, I have loads of spyware, a limping snail-like computer, and I've lost the ability to convert files to pdfs (which is a crucial function of my job). So, I wait. I wait for him to come up here and ask me what I did to make the machine go on strike. Mmm hmm.

Yesterday afternoon I asked K & J for funny things to make me laugh because I was about to fall asleep, undoubtedly with my face on my keyboard and I wasn't sure if drool on a keyboard can electrocute, and I didn't want to find out. K told us this funny story about her brother. When he was about 3 he was a little confused about Halloween and Christmas being holidays. I guess it's understandable - they're kinda close to each other and well, he was 3 years old. Santa Claus wears a costume, right? And Halloween can be a little scary, right? Well... K's brother was convinced that Santa's purpose was to come down the chimney and slit your throat. I love it.

K's story is pretty funny, too. She used to think that God died in her grandma's trailer. Her mom was trying to tell K about Jesus on the crucifix in Grandma's trailer, and well, what K took from it was "God died in Grandma's trailer". Priceless.

Not nearly as funny "haha", poor J now has a gash on her face from her brand spanking new engagement ring. She was horsing around with her bro and she gave herself a bloody reminder of her impending marriage. Who am I to say "horsing around"? Wow, that made me feel like my dad. Anyway, nice to know that her ring is substantial enough to draw blood. That's love. "Honey, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Here, have this weapon and wear it on your finger."

P.S. The confirmation hearing for John Roberts is excessively boring. It doesn't have to be, but pompous senators going on and on about mundane details of memos written 20 years ago is only interesting for so long. Political blowhards have a short shelf life with me. Grown men talking over each other and being disrespectful makes my skin crawl. It's like, "Shut up, you asshats, and do some real work." Sheesh.

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Anonymous Anonymous rambles...

actually it was my whacko grandma that made me think god died in her trailer... and at this time in her life, she may think the same thing as well. lol poor granny.
j. seriously. we need a photo of the ring. now. mel- pump her for a pic!

9/13/2005 12:55:00 PM


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