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Monday, September 05, 2005

Birthday Weekend Made Me Feel Old and Tired

I ended up working all 3 days of the long holiday/birthday weekend at my part time job. It wasn't the ideal situation in terms of time management and birthday happenings (I would have liked to have spent more time with the man - he's awfully good looking and he makes me giggle, which means he's great company), but it was a sound financial decision that I'm glad I made. I'm just pooped now. I'm so drained all I can do to keep my eyes open long enough to type a quick snippet is to think about the raucous wake-up call I got this morning. Should your imagination choose to run wild with the possibilities of what that wake-up may or may not have entailed... I think you should let it. har har

The man and I got home not too long ago. I worked until 4, he picked me up, we loaded up the car with laundry (tres sexy, no?), stopped off at the new Israeli sammich place (it was pretty tasty and the guy working the kitchen used to live in Brighton Beach - big ups Brooklyn!), headed up to Hollywood to go to the fabric store (we tried to go yesterday - that's what I wanted for my birthday, a backrub and a trip to the fabric store - I shit you not) but we got there with only 10 minutes to browse before they closed. Commie bastards. Anyway, we got there today with time to spare and it was lovely. Then we spent 2 & 1/2 hours at a laundromat and now we're home. It's amazing how much washing and folding clothes can tire me out - I love clothes, probably more than anyone I know, but tonight I don't want anything more to do with them. *yawn*

Must drag my fat ass to bed right quick.

Oh! My day was made even nicer because my friend Liz called me and she made me laugh and told me happy birthday and I just love her. She's moving away from New York very soon and it's almost like I'll miss her more because I'll know she's not stopping by my house and hanging out with my girls at the Clara. *hmm* I love Liz. I hope one day she can love New York again. It's hard for all of us, really.

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