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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A whole week w/o blogging...

I can't believe it's been that long. The end of last week was hectic with the job and all (worked the part time gig and then worked Friday at a potential full time gig), then the weekend came and I was busy with normal weekend stuff, and then the beginning of this week was hectic with the job and all (landed full time gig - yay!), and then yesterday didn't have internet connection at home because the modem mysteriously broke and the connection point was kaput. So, it's now been a week, I have a full time job and the man got a new modem today so we're back in business.

I was talking to some friends today about how the job is going (so far I really like it, it's design work in its most basic terms, but it's a lot of fun for me) and the clothing/temperature factor came up. You know what the clothing/temperature factor is. It's that law of nature that says no matter what you wear you will be innappropriately dressed for the temperature of your office once you arrive. There is a natural sublaw that states no matter the office temperature yesterday, you cannot plan for the office temperature today - they will invariably be different enough that any accommodation made in the clothing department will be for naught. Most days so far in the new office it's been painfully cold. I'm a fan of air conditioning, but they take it to a whole new level. I've been finding all sorts of fun ways to be uncomfortable.

Let's see... Day 1: interview - nipple ring highly visible through shirt because bra is thin as parchment and shirt is white & fitted and this office is like a meat locker. No problem in normal temperature zones, but in office environment major malfunctions are apparent.

Day 2: training & testing, trying to get the job - everything is fine, but felt way uncomfortable because the shoes did not go with the outfit at all and I can't afford to go buy new ones just yet.

Day 3: testing some more, meet the bigwigs - outfit was cute, felt good, but was borderline nipping out all day, despite the lined over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. Luckily, although frozen and sweaty at the same time (how does that happen???) I land the gig.

Day 4: I waltz in like I own the place, looking cute, with my zipper down (oh yes, yes it was) and wearing black leather sandals that I hope no one will notice are actually just semi-dressy (not really) Target flip flops because as previously stated, I have no shoes. Now the camisole and shirt I have over it are practically cut clean-through from the sharp, frozen nips beneath.

Lucky for me there are only 2 more work days this week, as I'm running out of ways to artfully cover my nipples/feet/crotch with other body parts/desks/folders as needed.

Ugh of the day - the man is in a rotten mood and I don't know why. He says it's not me, but he's making no attempt to seem believable.

Oh, and there's a hurricane coming. School is already cancelled for the next 2 days. I might not have to go to work if it gets bad. Which would suck, since I get paid by the hour.

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