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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wednesday... and people here still suck ass

People here still annoy me. They're really starting to annoy the man, too. I told him tonight that I was very sorry if I had negatively influenced his opinion of Miami. He assured me that his feelings about this city have nothing to do with my attitude toward it, which was really nice to hear. I was afraid that my nasty side had gotten out and polluted him. That would be bad. The sad part is that we both agree that it's not the city itself, it's the people - seriously folks. The people here are unlike any people I've ever been around - and I've been around. There's no good way to describe it unless you've been here before and you can relate.

Good news - the man sold the truck today. Not my Jeep, but the other one that was going to be a money pit. So, that's gone and it's a good thing. Whew!

Another good thing - I have an interview on Friday for a job that I'm basically sure to get as long as I don't fuck it up. Fingers crossed for that one. It's a full time gig doing relatively easy work for very decent money. Money that's the same as what I made in NYC, which is fantastic since we're starting to loathe our neighborhood and want to get out in the relatively near future and maybe buy something else somewhere else. Every night there's another story about a hit & run, which sounds quite awful and shocking... until you realize that there are scores of people who wander out into the street right into traffic, undoubtedly wearing all black and looking stoned or drunk or mildly retarded or all of the above. Duh, people. Duh. Of course you get hit by a car in the middle of the pitch black night when you walk into oncoming traffic wearing nary a stitch of remotely visible clothing. Do I sound jaded and unsympathetic? I do? Awesome. That's just what I'm going for.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Thursday is the end of my part time work week. Which means that tomorrow night I will spend a solid hour or two learning the ins and outs of this software package that I'm supposed to know for the job on Friday. Wish me luck. Microsoft isn't very cool. Again, I say duh.

Check out the post right before this one if you haven't already. A good friend is doing a good thing and it would be great if maybe you could help out.

Peace & chicken grease.

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