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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

MS Walk - GREAT CAUSE, care to help?

My friend, Jess, is doing something very cool next month - she's doing the 3-Day Challenge Walk to benefit the National Muscular Sclerosis Society. She's a great woman and this is a great cause. If you can stop by the site below (you can just click the title to this post to get there) you can follow these simple directions to make a donation - large or small it all helps. If you have $5 or $50 or $500 it all goes to the fight against this devastating disease. Jess has a huge heart and I'd like very much if she had a huge batch of donations to boost her spirits along this long walk.

Click on "Click here to donate online" (top right of your screen)

Fill out the form that pops up

Under "Gift Information" hit the drop down button and select "Three day Challenge Walk contribution"

In the box underneath, where it says "Name of Honoree/Participant/Team Member" put Jessica Ferrence

Check the box underneath that that says "Check this box to send an email to the participant you sponsored"

Underneath that, type That way Jess will be notified of a donation and the amount so she can keep track of the monies. Then just go ahead and fill out the rest of the information required.

It's that easy. If you'd rather send Jess a check, just click the "email me" link on the right side of this blog and I'll send you her contact info. Jess and I both thank you.

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