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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Too pooped to party

This is how I feel today. (BTW, this picture does me no justice... I'm not this massive, and my pants aren't the size of a Zepplin, they just appear that way) I'm just kind of zapped. Energy level is low, enthusiasm is in serious need of a refill, and I'm generally having the blahs. I'm sure it will pass, as soon as some of the issues in my life are cleared up to some extent, but until then it feels like poo on a stick.

I'm worried about Duke. He's not himself today. He's still not putting weight on his back leg and he's lethargic. When I got home this afternoon he was lying in his crate - he very rarely does that, and it's usually when he knows he's done something wrong. He didn't get up to greet me at the door, which is also odd. He was happy to see me, I could tell from the tail wagging and the licks I got when I bent down to him, but for him not to get up is a big deal. He also seems really thirsty. I give him some water and it's like he can't get enough of the stuff. I've been making sure that he's got a full bowl to help keep him hydrated, but I'm getting nervous that maybe he's eaten some insecticide or something. Luckily he's scheduled at the vet for Friday morning. I hope he's OK. It's not anything that seems like an emergency, but I don't like not knowing what's wrong with him.

I got the form notarized this morning to get the bank working on the investigation they need to do in order to put the money back into my account from the fraudulent transactions that posted over the weekend. FYI - Bank of America in Miami isn't the most helpful. I went there this morning to get the affidavit notarized and was told that they only offer that service to their customers. I said that I'd be more than happy to pay for the notarization and that I'm planning on opening a checking account locally in the next week, and that I'm thinking about Bank of America... but for now I don't have access to my money due to this situation (I explained briefly that someone had stolen my check card and my account had been frozen until they can issue me a new card, hence the need for this notarization on the affidavit), and therefore can't open any kind of account until next week. The guy then said that the notary service "is only for bank forms anyway", as if he completely wasn't listening when I told him that it was an affidavit from a bank. He looked at me blankly, said "sorry" in a very fake tone, and walked away. So, I went across the street to this little insurance agency and the woman there was very sweet and notarized my form and we had a nice talk. Then I stopped at the walk-up window of this little cafeteria next door for some coffee and chatted with the owner for 10 minutes or so over 2 shots of cafe cubano that he refused to charge me for, as a "welcome to the neighborhood" thing. It was very nice of him. I want to go back there for cubano sandwiches sometime soon.

I'm kind of drained from yesterday and all I want is a crunch wrap supreme from Taco Bell. My gaaaaawwd, those things are yummilicious. I think it might be another mac & cheese night. I don't think I can bring myself to cook.

I really miss the man. I'm so glad he gets back tomorrow night. I'm not good at sleeping alone anymore and I think we could both use some nice cuddle time.

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Blogger tess rambles...

That poor puppy (I know, he's probably way too old to be called a puppy, but I call all dogs puppy). I hope he gets better soon. I know how hard it can be to have a pet be ill. Its just as bad as if a close family member were seriously ill.

Bleh. Banks can be such a hassle. I'm so with you on being disgusted with the B of A. I don't use them myself, simply because their customer service is sooooo horrible.

Things will look up soon, I'm sure of it :)

8/10/2005 07:31:00 PM


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