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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bathroom Humor and Other Themes of the Day

Click the title. Go ahead, do it. Dooo eeeeeeeet. Juvenile? Yes. Funny enough to possibly make you pee a little? Probably.

So, I have a job interview tomorrow morning. It's with a guy who runs a business out of his house. Sketchometer is registering a 6.2, but I'm hoping that when I get there the slime factor will be negligible. We were in the car this morning and the man said, "If this guy tomorrow is remotely slimy," then I cut him off and said, "Then there's no way I'm working in his home." He goes, "Exactly." It was funny. And, well, cute. Nice to know that he's a little protective. It felt good. Back to the interview... it's at 10:00. The guy needs someone who can do a little of everything. He posted an ad on craigslist about the position and said that he needed a variety of skills, so I emailed him. Subject line: Assistant Position - I'm your Gal Friday. He wrote back to "Ms. Friday". That cracked me up. From what I gather it's some bookkeeping, Ebay stuff (he sells parts and custom accessories for racing off road and street motorcycles, some of which is on Ebay), website management (basic HTML which I will be learning real quick-like if I get the job), data entry, phone calls, that kind of administrative stuff. He sounds pretty cool, so it would be nice if it works out. It's a part time gig that would only be about 20 hours a week in the afternoons mostly. He's a small business owner that might even pay me under the table, which would rock since taxes suck donkey balls. I figure I can still look for a full time position and work this part time thing at the same time in case something awesome comes my way. Let's just hope I can find the place alright tomorrow... nothing like getting lost in Miami. Supposedly it's easy to get around down here, at least that's what people keep telling me, but as far as I've seen the streets follow a very loose set of rules - nothing like New York. The "grid" system they have here is so fragmented that you can be on 41st St. for a block and then *poof* you're on 36th St. w/o even making a turn. What's weirder is that you can be on 4th Ave, 50-something St., and some other street name all at the same time. Bizarre. Crazy Floridians.

Also, the man got the new (new to me, I should say) Jeep running this afternoon. The driver's window is stuck open at the moment, so he's going to take the door panel off and put it back in the track. We picked up a new battery for it today and it started up on the first try, which is a good sign. Can't wait to get a new tire on it so we can drive it around and see what else needs to be done. The man says it's in pretty good shape. Especially for being 17 years old - yep, that's right - 17 years old. It's amazing. How can a car that's only 10 years younger than I am be in such good shape? It's been all over the place, too. Started out in New Hampshire, then headed to Colorado, then to New York, then down to Miami. It's got a crapload of miles on it, but as long as you maintain those engines they'll run for a really long time. Even longer than 17 years, which is a lucky thing for me. I still can't believe that guy just gave it to us. He was so cool. I hope we're able to keep in touch with him. We meet the coolest people on craigslist... Speaking of cool people I met on craigslist, I miss the Brooklyn girls. I hope they're doing well.

Speaking of girls, I miss my DC chickies, too. A very cool trio of them had dinner together last night and I wish I could have been there with them. C has a brand new baby (who is too cute, thank goodness for digital photos), J seems happy and has a great b/f who she's moving in with this Fall, and K's getting things ready so she can get married next month. They all have such great things going on in their lives. It's nice to know that the people you care about are doing well. It makes me smile. They all deserve to be happy, that's for sure.

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