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Saturday, July 30, 2005

I didn't melt

... the whole way, anyway. I definitely melted a little bit. No need to send the search party. I had to take a break from trimming when the sweat dripping from my forehead completely clouded my sunglasses and I couldn't see. Gross. I trimmed the grass along the front fence and weeded as much as I could stand. When I felt like a human puddle I figured it was time to go inside and cool off. Plus, the thunder had started and it was beginning to rain a little.

Off to watch Million Dollar Agents on TLC. It's about this crazy real estate agent in Miami who is this larger than life guru for all things real estate. He has this assistant who's failed his exam to get his license twice now and he's got to pass it or else he risks losing his job with this Carlos guru guy. It's pretty funny. It shows how absurd and incredibly wealthy South Beach is. It's pretty nutty. If only...

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