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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Finger lickin' good karma

You know what's tasty? Fried chicken. Yep, it is. Mmm. It's especially nice when you get it from the Colonel when you don't want to cook. We got pie and sherbert from the grocery, too. Cherry lime sherbert, it sounds yummy, we'll see if it lives up to the expectations.

Here's an even cooler event from Melissaland today... the man was checking out craigslist and came across an ad from a guy who is moving and needs to get rid of his car. Well, one of his cars. He has 3 and he's moving back to New York (ironic?) and needs to unload his '88 Jeep Cherokee. The thing is it needs a new battery, one new tire, and the gear box sticks a bit. Tire & battery - easy. Gear box - easy if you're the man. The man knows loads about cars, it amazes me all the time. Anyway, the guy said that he had to move quickly and didn't want to go to the trouble of finding someone to buy the Jeep, so he decided to give it away since he knows there are plenty of people out there who need cars. Bottom line: I ended up with a Jeep for FREE that we're getting towed back to the house tomorrow and the man will take a look and see what all needs to be tweaked. How cool is that? The man finds everything. I mean everything - from a great deal on some cute little jacket that I never would have noticed on the rack to free Jeeps... he's got game. I told the Jeep guy that there is some really good karma coming his way. Not having a job means that I don't have any income and can't afford a car, which means that I don't have transportation to a job should I actually snag one. It's one of those typical vicious cycles. Vicious cycle circumvented this time around. Score one for the M-ster!

Bad note: the man is getting a cold and he feels like poo. I hope he gets better soon.

P.S. Chipotle isn't starting to build anything in SoFl until late this year. Plus, they're starting in Boca before Miami. Helloooooo??!!!!?? Boca? C'mon. Miami is where the cool happens. The cool is not in Boca. The rich is in Boca, but the cool is definitely happening here. More time added to my burrito-less existence. Oh, the agony...

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