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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I never got around to detailing the yuckiness of yesterday like I wanted to. I don't have time now because I have to run out the door in a few minutes, but here's the short version:

  • The man is out of town for a funeral, which is very sad and I miss him terribly.
  • I was on the phone for an hour & 1/2 w/the bank in the morning because those transactions that I didn't recognize on my account are from someone stealing my card. Nice. Mine expires this month, so whoever took it swiped the replacement out of the mail. Used it at Walmart somewhere in NY. First of all, I've been in FL for the last 3 weeks, so it wasn't me. Second, and more importantly, I'm a Target girl anyway. I have to sign an affidavit saying the charges aren't mine, get it notarized, send it back, then the bank has 2 weeks to get my money back. They're really great and they got right on it, but 2 weeks? I have NO money and no way to access my account because they had to freeze my card.
  • I went to get my suit & shoes to put in the car so I could change after work for my interview in the afternoon and Duke had chewed up my awesome orange open-toed pump - my favorite shoes. This is despite the 2 chew toys sitting right next to the shoe he dragged into the living room.
  • After the bank fiasco I only had 12 minutes to take a shower and get ready - hence I looked like shit all day.
  • Went to the interview, it was fine, it went well, I think they're going to call me back, but I don't know that I want them to.
  • Interview ran long, I didn't have time to get the affidavit notarized because all the banks were closed already.
  • Ran out of gas on 95 coming home after the interview. Oh yeah, nice one, blondie. It was classic. A very nice biker guy picked me up, took me to get some diesel, and took me back to the car - that looked great, me on a bike in a skirt suit. Diesel engines have to be primed if they run out of gas, so we fiddled with it for 20 minutes before a roadside assistance dude showed up. He did some air filter trick and the car started right up. I went back to the same gas station, filled up, and got home just before 8:00.
  • Duke is limping more than usual and refuses to put any weight on his back leg. I'm afraid he's done something pretty bad to himself. He's going to the vet Friday morning. Like I can afford that right now. Poor dog.

On the up side - my boss at the part time gig is cool. The biker guy and the roadside assistance guy saved my ass and they were awesome. The man gets back tomorrow night. I get paid tomorrow, even though it won't be much. I had mac & cheese for dinner and it was yummy.

Off to get this damn thing notarized...

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