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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Brief Update - We're Fine

This is where Katrina nibbled on the house. She likes roof eaves, apparently. Lucky for us the worst of it wasn't nearly as bad as what the poor folks further south in Florida and coastal Lousiana and Mississippi are dealing with now, but she still left us with some clean up and a few headaches.

Duke thinks the pile of branches from the backyard is ugly. I think it's not as ugly as the car behind it on the other side of the street. No, we don't live in the ghetto, nu-uh.

Katrina likes windows. She took this one as a souvenir off the back of our house. The man went out late Thursday night to see what the damage was (while the storm was wailing out there, mind you) and tried to move the window pane from the patio to the garage so it wouldn't get swept away, but it was raining pretty hard and, well, rain + glass = slippery. Window broke, he said "oh well", I laughed.

Duke. Not really anything to do with the hurricane, but he's cute and it looks like he's making a lame attempt to appear stern and imposing. As if to say, "Try that again, bitch. Next time I'll bite you in the ass instead of trembling and looking pathetic inside." If he could have crawled under the couch he would have.

All in all we were very lucky. We can replace the eaves and the window, we hauled the branches out of the backyard and raked up all the debris that was strewn about, we mopped up the water that came in the front door (that's how hard it was raining and that's how hard 75 mph winds push), we dealt with no cable/internet/phone for 5 days. We never lost power for more than a few minutes and neither of us were hurt. Our house wasn't flooded out like many people just south of here. We didn't have to try to sleep through hot sticky nights with no A/C like all the poor folks who lost power. We didn't have to throw away a whole refrigerator of spoiled food because there was no electrcity. We weathered the storm and now we just hope that the people in MS and LA can recover as best as possible.

I'm off to make the comfort food of all comfort foods - homemade crunch wrap supremes. Just like Taco Bell only way friggin' better. I'll write more when my brain is functioning at a slightly higher level.

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Blogger tess rambles...

Glad you all are okay :) You had us worried there for a bit!!

8/30/2005 07:10:00 PM

Blogger Melissa rambles...

Girl. I had myself worried. It sounded like the storm was right in the house for awhile. Glad that's over. Just super sad that the folks on the Gulf coast don't have an "easy" clean-up like we do. Breaks my heart.

8/31/2005 07:00:00 PM


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