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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Oh, Katrina... you bitch

We're in hurricane season here in South Florida and people are in a general state of frenzy. I think this is the most animated I've seen folks since moving here. People who live on the outlying beaches and barrier islands are boarding up their houses and those who live in mobile homes are evacuating all in preparation for Katrina. The one, the only, Katrina the hell bitch hurricane. That's her full name, but they don't tell you that on the news.

Since people here are usually so laid back/lazy/oblivious it's reassuring in a sick kind of way to see them getting ready for something that has the power to make their lives suck for a few days. I haven't seen the guys who sit in their lawn chairs outside their chain link fence all day for the past day or two. Maybe they're at Home Depot stocking up on plywood and generators. Maybe they're inside getting drunk on Maddog 20-20 and gambling away their last dime. I'd like to think they're taking the Home Depot option.

No work for me today or tomorrow with the hurricane a-comin', so I guess that's a lot of time to do dishes and sew. Not at the same time, preferrably.

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