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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Waiting Game

I hate this cover. But I love the photo. Gorgeous, isn't she? The kid who shot her is in court right now. And we wait... we wait for his plea. We wait for his sentence. We wait to see what insufficient punishment will be assigned for the murder of a force of nature in the form of a woman. My friends are aching now. They've been aching since January 27. And I imagine that there will be an ache that lingers forever. Time doesn't heal all wounds, that saying is false. Nicole - you've got a lot of people down here thiking about you. But it was that way when you were here with us, wasn't it? Plus que ca change...

UPDATE: He entered no plea. No plea? Excuse me, what the fuck is no plea? New plea date is at the end of the month. He better have gained better "mental acuity" by then so he can admit what he's done and we can all come to terms with it in our own ways.

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