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Monday, December 05, 2005

Serenity NOW

It's only Monday afternoon. Early afternoon at that - and I already want to bludgeon my co-workers. They're just the suckiest of sucky. C'mon, people, it's MONDAY for chrissakes. Give me a break from your stupidity for one stinking day.

And for some reason it's taken me 20 minutes of fidgeting with this computer to be able to upload photos to this post. Technical difficulties pepper my already irritating work experience with lovely moments of wanting to tear my hair out, natch.

K, thanks for the image. Frigging love it.

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Blogger Marissa rambles...

Ugh. I hate Mondays like that. Mine started out rocky, too, but I think I've managed to get myself back on track. And I know what you mean about photo uploading. Sometimes that happens to me, too! Argh$#*&!

Here's to a better Tuesday!

12/05/2005 03:27:00 PM


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