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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Trash to Treasure. What if it was never trash?

Quickly (because I need a nap and an iced tea badly - in reverse order) let me tell you a little bit about this weekend, as it has been stupendous. Yesterday, not only did the man take me to a new thrift shop, but he found the most perfect pair of... drumroll, please... *dadadadadadadadaaaaaa* Jimmy Choos that fit me perfectly for $10. Oh yeah, baby, I said $10. Jimmy Freaking Choos that look like they've been worn maybe twice are now mine. Man, I feel like a label whore and I must tell you, it feels slightly satisfying. Weird. The shoes are gorgeous and I cannot wait to wear them somewhere fabulous, or maybe not even so fabulous. I'll wear them around the house with sweats and feel like the goddamn diva I am. (giggling madly at the sight of that typed out onscreen - bah!)

I also got a suit and a couple jackets and a perfect condition vintage London Fog overcoat in a beautiful slate blue with lining still zipped in for a whopping $5. This thing hung in someone's closet for 30 years and was very well taken care of. And now it's mine. I got loads of other great stuff, too, and I spent hardly anything. I would elaborate, but portions of my varitable pirate's booty of bargains are intended to be gifts soon and I'd hate to ruin the surprise(s).

The man got a fantastic 50s-60s chandelier from a guy from Pittsburgh selling things at the open air market on Lincoln Road this afternoon. Very cool little encounter, very cool chandelier. It's going to be reincarnated soon and I can't wait until he's done with it. I just know it's going to be super cool. And I picked up 25 peach & orange roses for $5. Now the living room smells heavenly. There's something about fresh flowers in the house that always perks me up.

Falling asleep at desk... must lay down... or is it lie down? I never know and I'm usually wrong. Whatever, anyway I went for a quick run this morning first thing and while I felt great all day, now it's hitting me that I got exercise that's been loooong overdue coupled with sensory overload at the market and now my body and mind need a rest.

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Blogger Sandra rambles...

I love thrift shops. I have a closet full of Ann Taylor thanks to thrift shops. My friends would think I spend a fortune on clothes if I could just learn to stop blurting out, "This was 3 bucks at the thrift store!" every time I get a compliment:)

12/19/2005 11:55:00 PM

Blogger Melissa rambles...

I have the same weakness! I need to keep those things to myself. It's just that I'm usually so darn proud of myself for finding such a great deal I have to share it!

12/20/2005 10:23:00 AM


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