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Monday, May 05, 2008


Travel blunder of the day: booking a hotel in Berlin for incorrect dates.

We decided to go back to the hotel yesterday afternoon so Matthew could read up on Berlin and I could take a nap. I just had laid down and curled up when I heard Matthew say in a slightly concerned tone, "Uh, baby? What's the date today?"

I sat straight up. The only reason he'd be asking me about the date is if he realized I made a reservation for the wrong day. Since we were getting the early train to Berlin the next morning I knew I should be concerned. "Uh, it's the 4th."

"OK, that's what I thought. Honey, you booked the hotel for 5/6 instead of 5/5."


Luckily, one quick phone call to the nicest German dude ever and it was all cleared up. He switched some bookings and got us a different room for the nights we needed. This hotel is the best! Friendliest staff ever and the coolest rooms. Location couldn't be more perfect and all for only 80 euro a night! And yes, those are 16' ceilings and huge windows.

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