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Monday, April 28, 2008

Paris, nous sommes pretes!

** Welcome to the first installment of the honeymoon make-up posts. Each was jotted down in one form or another - on a napkin at the airport, in a notebook in Paris, in the back of guide book in Prague, on a postcard in Berlin... **

We leave tonight. We head to Europe. 10 days of nothing but each other, peppered with bits of history (or lots of it, if we stay true to our typical nerdy selves) and varying degrees of embarrassing language blunders. It's going to be amazing. We'll be in Paris, Prague, and Berlin; each for 3 nights. Getting to spend some time alone is going to be wonderful, but I already know we'll miss our friends and be glad to get back to Brooklyn when it's over. Besides, the Dukester will be hard to be away from for a week and a half.

I can only imagine what this honeymoon will be like. Matthew is a super romantic guy anyway, so putting him in Europe is like giving his romantic tendencies a steroid. Add the fact that we just got married to the mix and our entire trip will probably be shrouded in a happy cloud of soft-focus mushiness. I really am the luckiest woman alive.

(I mean, look at how goofy I get when I look at this man! This is the first of the wedding photos I'll post courtesy of the awesome photographers from Beautiful Union Portraits.)

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