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Friday, April 18, 2008

Cross your fingers for me

Tomorrow morning we're buying a friend's couch. It's a much nicer couch than ours (read: not broken and falling apart), plus it's a sleeper sofa which means that overnight guests won't have to be on an air mattress or army cot when they come to visit.

I have the measurements, and I *think* it will make it in the door... but just in case, cross your fingers for me. We live in a classic Brooklyn brownstone. That means interesting entry angles and non-standard door widths.


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Blogger Retro Girl rambles...

*Crossing Fingers, toes, legs, eyes* heheh....Hope it works out.

I once had a guy carry a sofa bed out of my 2 story townhouse - by himself (OH. MY. GOD!) down a staircase that had a hard left turn...unbelievable. He did really good until the last few steps he stumbled, and took out a ceiling light fixture, and dented a hole in a hall closet lol....but amazing watching him carry it all by himself!

Hope Y'all have really good luck with it!

4/18/2008 10:21:00 PM

Blogger Sandra rambles...

Ugh, I had a sofa delivered once and they couldn't get it around the corner into the room I wanted it in, so they had to take it back. Ended up going over a month without a sofa, until I could find one that would turn that corner!!!! Yes, I'll cross my fingers for you!

4/19/2008 10:09:00 AM

Blogger Melissa rambles...

Retro girl - by HIMSELF? Are you serious? That is amazing. And scary. Especially for the light fixture. ;-) I'm picturing that and it's blowing my mind right now.

Sandra - I had a similar experience in the past. I paid 2 dudes from Chinatown to move a couch to an apartment I lived in once and ended up having to leave it on the curb because after an hour and a half they decided (and rightly so) that it was an inch too wide to fit through the door. Luckily, it was a freebie. But, there's something heartbreaking about leaving a really great thing you got for free on the curb.

I think all the crossed fingers worked... because it fit! We got it in and it's amazing!

4/19/2008 11:44:00 PM

Blogger Michael Manning rambles...

I see the door having to be removed from the hinges and hope this remedies any worries! Congrats on THE NEW SOFA!!!!!

4/20/2008 02:59:00 PM


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