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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

OK, I get it, but c'mon!

I am aware that I sound like a sourpuss. I know I seem intolerant and small-minded. I don't care.

I'm sick of hearing about the pope being here.

It's been 3 weeks of constant media barrage about the pope this, the pope that. He's coming here. Yep. He's in New York. Uh huh. He's going to a synagogue. OK. He's meeting with people. Yeah. He's going to go to the bathroom and take showers and fart a bunch, too, but I don't need to hear all about it.

I don't need to know what the man is going to eat when he's here. I don't need to see an insiders' perspective from the caterer who is going to be making him dinner. It's great that there are paramedics assigned to him, but I don't need to know the backstory on every one of those peoples' lives. Yes, the pope is going to be driven on a certain route to the synagogue, but I don't want to see 3 different news crews driving the route and explaining the traffic patterns.

There is real news out there. We are in a war. People were murdered today. There are diseases that are being researched. The pope is coming. I got it. Tell me what he did when he was here after he's done it. Don't give me 3 weeks of previews and make the general media into Catholic TV.

The Dalai Lama went to Seattle last week. I saw one blurb about it. 'Nuff said.

UPDATE: The pope's arrival in DC is now preempting all other network broadcasts. It's been going on for half an hour. For the first 20 minutes it was a simple shot of a camera fixed on the open door of the plane. Wow. How thrilling. A plane. With an open door. The pope's in there. Wow. Oh, look, he came out. Now he's walking. Oh my. He walks.

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Blogger Sandra rambles...

The only thing I've found interesting about the Pope's visit is Stephen Colbert's reaction. That's been pretty good.

Thank you, I've been wondering too - why is the Dalai Lama not getting more attention with everything going on in China/Tibet right now - people's priorities are whacked.

4/15/2008 10:37:00 AM

Blogger Melissa rambles...

Sandra - I'm just as confused as you are. It's overkill for the pope and nothing for the Dalai Lama. I also think Colbert is hilarious.

4/15/2008 11:05:00 AM

Blogger surviving myself rambles...

I hope the pope does something news-worthy while he's here - like eats some falafel.

I'd read about that.

4/15/2008 12:54:00 PM

Blogger Patti rambles...

I always liked Pope John Paul but Benedict just leaves me cold...

4/15/2008 01:15:00 PM

Blogger Melissa rambles...

Chris - Totally. Falafel is at least news-worthy. And now I'm hungry for lunch.

Patti - I'm with you, girl. John Paul had a charisma about him.

4/15/2008 01:16:00 PM

Blogger Lynilu rambles...

I agree. I think the Dalai Lama might not have had even that blurb if it had not been for the Olympics issues, too.

Taking your idea of real news out there a step farther ... why could we not hear about a few more things that went *right* in the world? I detest the way so called "news" is handled.

4/15/2008 01:31:00 PM


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