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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tiny baby clothes drying on the shower rod. Does it get any better? I don't think so.

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Blogger Lynilu rambles...

Oh, wonderful! Nesting, nesting, nesting! I'm so happy for you!

1/10/2009 09:57:00 PM

Anonymous Safa rambles...

Have you guys found out the sex yet? We found out w/ the 1st but let the 2nd be a suprise:)

1/12/2009 04:36:00 PM

Blogger Claire Joy rambles...

I bet you are washing all the brand new clothes you have for that baby. Yep, this is definitely your first baby. (giggle)

1/14/2009 10:23:00 AM

Blogger Melissa rambles...

Lyn - Nesting it is! I refolded my clothes and put them back in my dresser the other day. This is weird!

Safa - Nope! We're keeping it a surprise. We figured there aren't many true surprises like that in life. So, in about 9 weeks we'll find out if it's a he or a she.

Claire Joy - Gee, obvious? Ha! Yes, all those teensy clothes are brand new. I hand washed them and hung them to dry. This is totally the first one. ;-)

1/14/2009 07:04:00 PM

Blogger Monogram Queen rambles...

Awwwww just ... awwwwww!!!!!!!!!

1/16/2009 09:36:00 AM


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