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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Blood boiling... want to cry and scream at the same time!

If you've read 2 entries prior you are a little famililar with the fucking retarded saga that is going on in Melissa's fashion world right now. Here's the email:

Last week I got an email asking for my # so the GM of the theatre company that's hosting my show could give me a call to chat about the event. I provided such #, she never called. Then I got this email from her yesterday (mind you, the email asking for my # is the first time I've had any contact with her, as I've been dealing with her producer):


Unfortunately at this time I don't feel we can continue moving forward with
this Fashion Show. I am sorry things were originally misrepresented to you.
Perhaps in the future we can talk more about a collaboration with your
fashion line.

***** Theatre Company - You can just assume the name is Asshat Theatre Company, that will suffice

Yeah, um, what? Are you kidding me? What ever do you mean by that? In my state of shock I composed the following reply:

Cindy -

Is there a reason for the sudden halt with the show? I've already invested a significant chunk of time and money - I've purchased fabric, I've lined people up to work the show, I've made pieces specifically for the event. Saying I'm confused is an understatement. Is there no way to continue with the plans?

A day and a half goes by and I get this as a response:

Unfortunately there is no way to continue. There are certain demands our company is experiencing currently that we are forced to deal with.
Best of luck,

Demands like following through with your scheduled events? Demands like putting effort into not being such toolbags? I haven't written back yet. I am far too angry and would surely say something that I would regret. Not regret for being rude, regret for not composing my scathing reply letting her know how incredibly unprofessional and hideous this "decision" of hers is in a more intelligent and creative manner. She didn't even call me. Did not have the common courtesy to call me on the phone to speak to me. She needs to know that this is unacceptable, that it's been scheduled for months now, that people are lined up, that money has been spent, that she has not only messed with a dream of mine but also fouled up fundraising plans for a murdered friend's scholarship. How can you be so cold and dead inside that you don't want to do something good to honor the memory of a murdered woman, for Pete's sake? I may not have the most connections, but I know a lot of people who know a lot of people and those people are in the theatre community in New York. Let me just say that I'm not keeping this to myself. I hate spending time being negative (stop laughing, I know that's not entirely evident by this blog) but this isn't through my system yet and I'm afraid it's not moving quickly.

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