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Monday, September 26, 2005

I now pronounce you...

Tired and sniffly. I'm recovering from the weekend. The man and I went to DC this for K's wedding. It was awesome. Really, it was. What's not awesome is that the second my body senses I'm in the DC-metro vicinity it goes into allergic shock mode and I can't breathe for a week. It's working its way out of my system now, but until then I have swollen sinuses and headaches pretty much all day.

The flight up there on Thursday sucked, but it was more than worth it. Note to parents everywhere: a 3 year old should not be given the choice of whether or not s/he would like to go to the bathroom when there is a fairly evident poopy diaper involved - s/he gets taken to the bathroom even if resistent to such action. When your 10 year old son tells you that it's a wise decision to put the 3 yr. old in her seat and you, the mother, tell him that "she'll just get back up again", it's frustrating. It's even more frustrating when the 10 year old replies, "Well, then you don't let her get back up." Duh. We arrived safe and sound, so the screaming poopy diaper child from hell along with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Incompetentopenmouthgumchewers, were just a slight smudge on the memory of the voyage.

Got to spend some time with my mom, which was great. She's so cool. Even when she drives me crazy I love her to death. She took it like a champ when K's new hubby's dog came right up to her, lifted his leg, and pissed on her. Oh yeah, my mom got pissed on. Pissed on by a huge rottweiler, no less. The man said he'd never seen her move so fast. But she squealed a little, toweled herself off, and changed her shoes - luckily she had a reserve pair in her truck. I walked up to the front of the aisle at the start of the ceremony and K's hubby leaned in and said, "Dude, my dog peed on your mom." His friend who was videographer for the day said, "Uh, guys, I'm getting this all on tape... and you're mic'd." It was classic. Can't wait to see the DVD!

K looked more radiant than I've ever seen her. If someone you love has ever been with someone you loathed then you probably know what it feels like when the loved one finds the right person. That's what it's like with K & T. They're super great people and they're crazy about each other. He looks at her and you can just see the love there. I told him how proud I was that he was going to be my best friend's husband while we were getting ready to go out Thursday night and he teared up. His eyes welled up. It was a very cool moment.

The wedding was at a state park about 2 hours south of DC. It was beautiful there. We were out in the middle of nowhere and at night it was so dark you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. I did the Frankenstein/mummy walk with my arms outstretched as far as I could just to find the door to the bathroom in the middle of the night. For 2 days it was really nice to be that far away from civilization. I think another day of it and I would have gone a little crazy, but the time we spent there was very good.

The man was a huge help all weekend long. He drove us around, ran errands, helped corral guests, even tied T's tie before the wedding and put in his cufflinks (his hands were a little shaky). T told the man that if he hadn't have been there he just wouldn't have worn the tie... no one else getting ready with him knew how to tie one! We couldn't have gotten everything done if he hadn't have been there. Plus, he looked great.

A friend of ours actually performed the ceremony and it couldn't have been more perfect. She did such a fantastic job - her voice didn't crack with emotion or anything. She practiced a lot - had the girls she works with in tears one day. Love that. It was like she had done it before, that's how good she was. I wouldn't have been able to do anywehre near as good of a job. I was pretty proud of myself for holding my emotions in the whole way until K danced with her dad. I saw that, and heard the song they were dancing to, and it was all she wrote.

I had a great time, and I wish I was still there, hanging out with the crazy Canadians, surrounded by cases and cases of beer, in the middle of the woods, in the pitch black night, toasting marshmallows, laughing with a huge smile on my face and seeing the faces of my friends. It had been too long since I'd seen them, and I can't let that happen again. It's like J & I have said before, it's great to email, great to call on the phone, but to see the expression on your dear friends' faces is so precious. It was wonderful medicine and I hope to get another dose really soon.

Random shout out: Go, J. You started a blog and that's so super cool. And you looked way hot in that little black dress at the wedding, you minx, you.

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Blogger krisbtterfly rambles...

goddamnit, i can't believe i never commented on this entry. i guess this was before i was even writing comments. i seriously feel like i'm going to cry right now. it was a perfect weekend, wasn't it? i got to marry tim, but not only that, i got to see all of my favorite people in one place at the same time. MY FAVORITE. it doesn't get better than that, it really doesn't. professing your love while your dogs are whining and tugging on leashes, your best friend is standing right beside you, and everyone you love is in the near vicinity. it was fabulous. your turn.

1/11/2006 03:04:00 PM


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