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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This video is dark, sorry for the poor quality. I just had to try to capture Duke destroying his new toy. This is a dog who never, ever - no matter how hard we tried - showed any interest in toys whatsoever.

That is, until we got a bag of baby things from my in-laws' neighbor. In that bag was a stuffed horse. Duke sniffed the bag, looked at us, saw that we weren't stopping him, reached his face into the bag and pulled out the horse. He carried that thing around the house for weeks... and then he destroyed it. He started chewing on it. That turned into stomping on it. That turned into tossing it up in the air and chasing it around the room. That turned into shaking it into submission. It finally ended in pulling out every last bit of stuffing.

Since his beloved horsie was dead we decided to get him a new stuffed toy the other day. His "bone" (a stuffed dog bone that says "KOSHER") lasted all of 2 days. He killed it. This video is part of the destruction caught on tape.


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Anonymous Naomi rambles...

HAHA Bagel does the same thing (always has) and then plays with the rag that is left until i can sneak over and throw it away without him knowing. Now I'm waiting for his new puppy brother to pick up the habit...

11/04/2008 11:56:00 AM


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