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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Riffs and no more regrets

This is what I want to play. It's a Les Paul Vixen (yes, Vixen - that is one sexy word). This one happens to be carribean blue, but it also comes in coral - that one will be mine at some point. I've wanted to learn how to play guitar for years. Since my mom put on a B.B. King record when I was a kid I was hooked. Problem is, I never actually learned. It's always been this nagging thing I kept saying I'd do someday. Someday I'd learn how to play. One year I actually got a cheap little acoustic. I got so frustrated with my fingers not wrapping around the neck they way they should that I gave up, folded, threw in the pick. I came home a few days later and my brother was sitting in the living room... playing my guitar. He was 14. He had taught himself while I was at work. And he was good.

Always wanting to learn, but never putting forth the effort is one of those stupid things we all do from time to time. We want to do all sorts of things that we put off or sweep under the rug - we tell ourselves that maybe we didn't want them so badly in the first place. We convince ourselves that there are better things to do with our time. The things we always wanted become the things we never did. I don't want any more never-dids. None of those in this life. Not enough room. I'm clearing a path for the good stuff. The go-get-'em-tiger kind of stuff. It feels great to clear the space. Dust the good stuff off, see how it shines when you pay it just a small bit of attention. I'm going to add to that collection of shiny, good stuff.

I'm going to learn how to play that damn guitar of it kills me. Goodbye fingernails, goodbye soft skin. Hello hangnails and callouses. I can't wait! Go get 'em tiger.

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Blogger a fish on a bycicle rambles...

In the words of B B, "Get out of Here"!!

4/19/2006 08:13:00 AM

Blogger krisbtterfly rambles...

sounds like a good plan to me. i have a list of those that i plan on crossing off eventually as well... among them are learning to salsa (or something of the sort), learning muy thai kickboxing (and holding my own in a sparring match), and bungee jumping.

4/19/2006 09:37:00 AM

Blogger patti_cake rambles...

VERY interesting chick! I need to make a "to do" list - it would make life ever so much more interesting!

4/19/2006 10:20:00 AM

Blogger Jenn rambles...

Oh! About 6 years ago I got a wild hair and bought a base guitar which my brother happily taught me to play. It was a blast! I got my fix and then gave my brother the guitar since he's the real musician. But I definitely think you should do's fun!

4/19/2006 12:45:00 PM

Blogger Jess rambles...

Good for you, Mel! I like the attitude. How did your interviews go? I think about you often...


4/19/2006 04:29:00 PM

Blogger Sapphire rambles...

So if I learn drums, we've got half a band. *laughs*


4/20/2006 05:43:00 PM


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