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Friday, June 16, 2006

It's my life

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I love this drawing. I like to think it's me. Little, stick figure, bald headed me. It's a beautiful day in the city today and I'd like to be out in it. Instead, I'm working my last Friday in the dungeon of the coffee place. My last Friday in a windowless, dark room filled with stagnant air and mold spores. It smells intensely like coffee, which seems to any coffee lover to be a good thing, but I assure, it is not. Everyone in my life who sees me after work thinks I smell like heaven, but they don't inhale it all day long. Jules wants to nuzzle up to me and sniff me. MT says you could put me in the shower, clothes and all, and coffee would drip from me. I'm just glad I've got only one more week left.

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