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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sofa saga

Why can't people who sell things on craigslist describe their goods accurately? Am I really supposed to believe that this photo represents anything "beautiful", "elegant", "vintage", or "like new"? C'mon! It's a Laura Ashley wannabe. I think there should be a short, yet informative, article of required reading for all potential craigslist furniture sellers. It would include things like proper names of furniture design eras (if I see another "Eames era" or "mid-century" description on an overstuffed anything I might throw up), how to accurately quantify the condition of your piece ("like new" does not mean "if you don't count the huge slash in the side from my naughty kitty"), and most importantly it would include a pricing guide. That beauty down there is going for a mere $600. Um... are they serious?


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Blogger Jenn rambles...

Craigslist'll do that. I'm always amazed at some of the stuff for sale...and the prices!

(Though...I did sell a chandelier for $ and demand, I guess.)

4/23/2007 09:41:00 AM

Blogger patti_cake rambles...

Ebay too! Ebay too!

4/23/2007 11:06:00 AM

Blogger Retro Girl rambles...

I agree---Ebay too! I am an avid 1950's collector, and I get so P.O'd about those ads with the phony bullcrap descriptions using "Eames Era" "Atomic" "Mid Century" "Knoll" "Danish Modern" tags and it's freaking Big Lots Furniture crap! :-)

4/23/2007 09:28:00 PM

Anonymous tuckergurl rambles...

OK, that was a funny entry.

4/23/2007 11:50:00 PM

Blogger Sandra rambles...

I've learned to stop opening posts that say "VERY COMFY COUCH" because in CL language, comfy equals butt ugly.

4/30/2007 11:21:00 PM

Anonymous Pat rambles...

Only one word for that couch...


5/01/2007 12:00:00 PM


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