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Friday, October 07, 2005

Auntie Em, Auntie Em!

Well, not quite. But sort of. Here's the low down - you should go see my friend's play. He's like totally fer sher super duper talented and when he says "come see my show" it's "come see my show because I think you'll enjoy it" rather than the far too common "come see my show because I have to fill seats and this is New York, why is it so damn hard to get a good audience". He rocks. The show sounds fab. It's an adaptation of a Nathaniel Hawthorne work and we know how I do so loves me some Hawthorne (check back to the tattoo entry and check out the dress form ink - the "D" is my Scarlet Letter. D for Dreamer - sometimes as villified as the A for Adultress.) Go see it. If you're in New York or will be soon there is really no excuse not to. *The Scarecrow* And give a hearty round of applause, would you? I can't be there to give him mad props myself (which makes me exceedingly sad and I don't want to think about it - this is show #2 that I've missed now), so it would be awesome if someone could give a little extra on my behalf. I thank you in advance.

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