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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I didn't get it

The job, that is. I got this, instead, "We all loved you, you got rave reviews across the board, we just unfortunately went with another candidate that was somehow a better fit for the exact position." I don't really know what that means, but it doesn't matter. The VP actually sounded disappointed, as if she'd been overridden. I know it "wasn't meant to be" or else the job would have mine, but it doesn't take the sting out of the fact that the very best me wasn't good enough.

Right now I'm going to make myself a gin & tonic. Light on the tonic.

Square One, I thought I recognized you.

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Blogger Jenn rambles...

Oh Melissa - I'm so, so sorry. I know how much you wanted that job.

I'll skip the everything happens for a reason speech...ya gotta feel your feelings.

I just hate when disappointment hits folks I care bloggy friend.

All I have to say now is that it's TOTALLY their loss. TOTALLY!

Enjoy your tonic-less gin.

3/09/2006 07:21:00 PM

Blogger Melissa rambles...

I think that the connections between people are remarkable - right, Fishy? I was just telling Kristie the same thing, that I really appreciate that she never gives me the pep talk when I'm first feeling the disappointment. You gotta feel your feelings. Jenn, you're a genius. And thanks, for the their loss thing. Funny enough, I know that's true. I still wish it was mine.

Now I get a little tipsy, I cry a bit, I pull myself up by the boot straps and I get on Monster and Hotjobs before I pack to go to NYC tomorrow.

3/09/2006 07:32:00 PM

Blogger Miss Fire rambles...

Oh Fathead, I'm so sorry. So freakin' sorry.

I agree with Jenn. Feel it. We'll feel it with you. Shit. Shit. Shit.

Would you still like me to kill them? I am in a killing kinda mood right now. (Not really, people. *uncomfortable laugh*)

3/09/2006 07:38:00 PM

Blogger Melissa rambles...

Well, I'd say go ahead and kill them (giggle, looks pleadingly at others) but if they change their mind about the person they hired and then end up wanting me in a month I'd like the opportunity to show them what they almost missed. So, how about we postpone the bludgeoning until April? But then - I'm ALL for it, Ralph!!!

BTW- the Fathead thing made me snort and sort of inhale gin & tonic, and I gotta tell ya - it was the best laugh I've had all day! Thank you!!!

3/09/2006 07:46:00 PM

Blogger Miss Fire rambles...

So many people to kill, so little time. I'll let them go for now. For now.......mwahhh hah hah hah!

I'm glad I made you laugh. :-) Mostly I just piss people off. Mwahhh hah hah hah!

Hey, I'm drinking now, too. Cran & Stoli. I'm alone - is that wrong???

3/09/2006 07:51:00 PM

Blogger The Rover rambles...

I gave you a mini-pep talk...that's what you get for talking without reading. Drinks are good.

3/10/2006 02:26:00 AM

Blogger krisbtterfly rambles...

ok- i feel left out. it's 8:43am and i want a drink now, too. i think i'll have a goose & tonic tonight (extra lime) and raise my glass to all of you fine people.

3/10/2006 08:44:00 AM

Blogger a fish on a bycicle rambles...

Melissa, I'm really sorry.

As for postponing retribution until April - perfect, if you need someone to perform an act of anonymous, churlish retribution then I'm your man!

In the meantime G&T's all round, and I'm going home to kick the dogs so they can share in the sadness too.

3/10/2006 09:10:00 AM

Blogger patti_cake rambles...

I am so sorry also. How disappointed you must feel. Don't look at it as your best wasn't good enough. You were just a square peg and the hole was octagonal.

3/10/2006 01:34:00 PM

Blogger Automaton Overlord, Esq. rambles...

back in the day, i enjoyed the gin and tonic. now gin is like a million flowers in my stomach fighting over who gets to make me puke first.

3/10/2006 10:23:00 PM

Blogger Jess rambles...

Girlfriend, first of all holy crap- I love that you have so many readers that respond to your blog- not only respond, but generally care about your trials and tribulations. I know it hurts to not get something that you were so focused on and you kept help think "what could have I done differently", but no fear, my dear sweet burrito baby (cut it up!!!), you are young and fun and ridiculously smart and something better will come. Trust me on that. Please. I hope your gin and tonic was tasty- it's a little early for me to drink, but I'll sip on my coffee and say this one's for me, and this is for my homies.

I am updating my blog now- I got some time on my hands- for once.


3/11/2006 10:09:00 AM

Blogger Mindi rambles...


I am so sorry.

I hope you killed that gin. It's meant to be, blah, blah, blah, doesn't help, but I hope that you are feeling better today.

The person they hired is going to suck in comparison to you!

3/11/2006 07:35:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous rambles...

Gin is a very good friend.
& yeah, whoever the person is who made the final decision? Is a poopiehead.

3/11/2006 10:37:00 PM

Blogger Melissa rambles...

Wow, I can't thank you all enough. Kind words go a long way (and yes - death threats count as kind words in my book as long as they're directed towards those who cross me). I'm really very touched by all of your reactions and your thoughtfulness. I'm still bummed out, but I know there's something better out there for me. Now I just need to find it...

3/12/2006 11:22:00 PM

Blogger Sandra rambles...

Sounds like the CEO's nephew was given the job or something...

3/13/2006 05:58:00 PM


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